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Ranked among world architectural marvels, the United States hardly rates compared to the ancient, beautiful structures of China, the Middle East, and Europe. Even taken as a microcosm, the list of major architectural achievements in the United States would hardly have included Oklahoma any more than Whitby real estate would be considered the haute location for Toronto real estate seekers. However, that isn't to say that Oklahoma is without achievement in the field of architecture. Here are some of its high points.

Oklahoma's antebellum history as an agrarian state has left the state with some truly remarkable mansion homes that can still be seen if you're looking for a break from modern Brownsville real estate. The Philbrook Museum of Art, for example, is done in a Renaissance inspired style and the painted ceilings would be at home in an Italian villa. The Overholser Mansion, meanwhile, is a three storey Victorian built around the turn of the century with stunning stained glass windows and all of its original appointments. Even the current governor's mansion is a Dutch colonial.

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Art Deco is another style that really took off in America in the 1920s and Oklahoma is no exception. A Canadian architect would find much to admire about the representatives of this truly American style in Bartlesville and Tulsa. Not to be missed are the Price Tower, which was designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the Philcade Building, the Bartlesville Community Center, and the modern Deco Revival metro transit center. Guided walking tours of the historical district can be arranged through the Tulsa Historical Society at any time of year.

People whose architectural tastes are more eclectic should leave their homes in Hudson Valley towns for Oklahoma City, which provides stellar examples of both modern and mid-century architecture. Just check out the space-age Gold Dome, which is now used as an office building. Paradoxically, a number of churches, including the First Christian Church on Walker Avenue and St. Luke's Methodist Church on 15th Street are also incomparably futuristic and are well worth a look, as are the Oklahoma Museum of Art building and the Founders National Bank building.

If you think you would like to join in the grand tradition of Oklahoma architects instead of building Toronto Beaches real estate, you have two choices. You can attend the University of Oklahoma's College of Architecture or you can opt for Oklahoma State University's College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology.

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