When it comes time to put up your downtown Toronto homes for sale so you can move down to Oklahoma, it will be a listing agent that will assist you through this process. Though most people think a all real estate agents do the same jobs, there are actually different types of agents. This article is all about listing agents - what they are, where to find one, and what yours will do for you - so you can have enough information to decide whether or not you want to hire one yourself.

A real estate agent is anyone licensed to help another person buy or sell real estate, but within this profession there are specialties. Some real estate agents focus on helping buyers find just the right property from amongst all the Plano, Texas houses for sale (these are called buyer's agents). Meanwhile others focus all their energies on helping their clients sell their homes. These types of agents are called listing agents or seller's agents. Usually they work together in offices with buyer's agents and support staff.

The job of a Leaside real estate agent who has set him or herself up as a listing agent is to help you sell your home. The agent will handle most of the tricky and time consuming tasks associated with selling a home, such as sales contracts, showing the home, creating and circulating the listing, and negotiating with buyers. It is you, however, who has the final say on the important things, like what your asking price will be and whether or not to accept an offer from a buyer. In these instances, your agent can only advise.

Many Spokane, Washington real estate agents genuinely care about their clients and want to see them get the best possible price as fast as possible, but even these agents can't feed their families on well wishes. Therefore if you want to hire a listing agent you'll need to be prepared to hand over between 5% and 7% of the sale price the agent is able to get for you. This is the agent's commission, or payment for services (though the odd agent will work for a flat or hourly fee) and it is split with the buyer's agent.

There are plenty of listing agents out there who would love to help you put up your home for sale in Georgetown, Ontario. However, many of them are only after the commission. Therefore when you're choosing an agent, it's important to be picky. Interview several agents and choose the one you feel the most comfortable with, even if he or she doesn't have the largest practice or the most sales.

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